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B.I.G. Chuck And An AllHipHop Shoutout From Diddy

I recently had the pleasure of being on the last “106 & Park Freestyle Friday” of 2010 and what an event it was. Sean “Diddy” Combs was the guess host with Terrance J, the staple of the show. Diddy was in full promotional mode. He was jumping around, blowing the whistle in support of his “Last Train To Paris” album. Here is how it went down  during the introductions.

Backstage, at the dressing room area, Diddy was different. He had a bodyguard that stayed with him like a shadow and he stayed on his Blackberry. Eventually, I chatted with him and congratulated him on the album coming out. He showed me some of the interesting promo items they were doing and we kept it moving. Combs is about his business, as a business man should be. Thanks to Diddy, I’ll occasionally use the name B.I.G. Chuck. Just kidding…kinda.


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AllHipHop Comes Home

October 10, 2008

On Thursday, hip-hop Web site will bring its first AllHipHop Weekends Homecoming Tour to Delaware.

Quantcast, which was founded right here in Delaware in 1997, has since become the world’s most widely read source for hip-hop news, reviews, features and industry insights.

The free AllHipHop Weekends Homecoming Tour hits Delaware State University — one of six historically black colleges on the itinerary — with a lineup of nationally known hip-hop acts. The tour kicked off on Sept. 29 at Clark-Atlanta University and features

Fonzworth Bentley, host of VH1’s popular series “From G’s to Gents,” in addition to a number of top producers, rappers, executives and filmmakers.

Bentley serves as moderator during’s Social Lounge, which is a round-table discussion about politics.

The featured panelists on the Social Lounge include Chicago rapper Rhymefest, rapper Tracey Lee, poet/author Mo Beasley, Universal/Motown executive Eric Nicks and’s founders and co-CEOs Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and “Grouchy” Greg Watkins.

“I’m really excited about this event,” Watkins said. “Considering the political and economic climate, we felt it was important to bring the Social Lounge to campus to let s

tudents voices be heard. And of course we want them to enjoy themselves as well, so we are featuring some upcoming talent on the tour.”

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During the AllHipHop College Tour, we made a stop at Del State, a school that I attended. It was good to return. Young Caleb, one of the on campus personalities interviewed Greg and me. Excuse the audio if you can. Here it is. (October 2008)

Part 1.

Part 2.

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Hip Hop’s Brand New Strategy

Trade in your 3Gs for Tamagachis, Jonas Brothers for Hanson, and Lindsay Lohan’s recent sexcapades for Ellen’s televised out-party and 2008 isn’t all that different from 1997. The Internet, however, certainly has come a long way from the days of the Dancing Baby. It was back then that CEOs Greg Creekmur and Chuck Watkins launched their website, which covers a broad array of topics ranging from news and features to gossip and reviews. The site has become increasingly popular over the years and remains one of the premier hip hop sites due to their heavily imitated formula for success.

“Back in the mid-90s many websites only provided weekly or monthly updates. So we wanted to produce daily content to give the people a reason to come back for more,” Greg explained. “We decided to come out with daily material and keep the people coming back for more.”

Recently there has been much confusion regarding Allhiphop’s partnership with the online advertising agency, Radio One. Will the content remain the same? Has everyone’s favorite grassroots hip hop site gone corporate?

Greg was ready to set the record straight: “While we are thrilled to be working alongside Radio 1, Chuck and I still have creative control over the magazine. We weren’t able to manage our advertising revenue on our own and so we partnered up with them and so far it’s been great.” He was quick to add, “I wouldn’t say that we went quote, unquote corporate.” They have established a relationship with Radio 1’s founder, Kathy Hughes, and are in direct contact with her son every single day to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Collective sigh of relief for all.

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Tbutta from the Poobabutter show sits down with Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Grouchy Greg Watkins of and talks about the site, groupies, and much more!!!!

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