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Pictures From Rotterdam / Amsterdamn

I had the pleasure of going to Rotterdam and Amsterdam for a second time in two years. Here are some images from the trip.

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B.I.G. Chuck And An AllHipHop Shoutout From Diddy

I recently had the pleasure of being on the last “106 & Park Freestyle Friday” of 2010 and what an event it was. Sean “Diddy” Combs was the guess host with Terrance J, the staple of the show. Diddy was in full promotional mode. He was jumping around, blowing the whistle in support of his “Last Train To Paris” album. Here is how it went down  during the introductions.

Backstage, at the dressing room area, Diddy was different. He had a bodyguard that stayed with him like a shadow and he stayed on his Blackberry. Eventually, I chatted with him and congratulated him on the album coming out. He showed me some of the interesting promo items they were doing and we kept it moving. Combs is about his business, as a business man should be. Thanks to Diddy, I’ll occasionally use the name B.I.G. Chuck. Just kidding…kinda.

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Today marks the 8th Anniversary of the passing of Jam Master Jay. A lot of people cannot fathom his greatness at this point. The truth is, had it not been for people like Jay, a lot of us would not be here as Hip-Hop professionals and fans.

Behold my framed, signed T-shirt by Run DMC and Jam Master Jay. Encased in glass. Sealed. Forever.

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Quick interview with author Jiwe Morris, member of the Bloods that now practices peace in Newark, New.

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I did a massive interview with Abba Onyeani of I think this is the best interview that I have ever done in my life. Why? Abba was well prepared and we had a very good conversation about a number of parts of Hip-Hop and business. If you have the time, check this out.

Part 1

Here I talk about the early days of AllHipHop and how things came to be, from the very, very early days of struggle and strife until the present situation. Also, I discuss the evolution of the internet and how so much has changed in 10 years – from recession to recession. The clip ends with my giving my views on certain websites.

Part 2

In part 2, I talk about the evolution of Hip-Hop and how the indie game is the future along with good music. Abba also brings up Jay-Z’s comeback with Blueprint 3 and what rappers are key in rap’s success going forward.

Part 3

In this part, I talk about my favorite rappers, Soulja Boy, Slaughterhouse and other items.

Part 4

I talk about the difficult part of business and how to survive in a recession as well as the moves has made in the year 2009. Mobile, video, iPhone apps, AllHipHop Radio…it is all here…

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It’s Time For A Universal Rapper’s License

It’s Time For A Universal Rap License

By Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur
Straight up, I propose that Hip-Hop adopt a universal Emcee or Rapper’s License that consists of a series of tests that a rapper must pass to enter this thing we have created.

Why? For just about every job, you need to fulfill certain requirements to become a master of that trade or to practice professionally.

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