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7 responses to “About

  1. insanemacbeth

    saw your emcee list.

    you are right to include CHUCK D. a phenomenal writer.

    and you are definitely correct, to put THE DON GIANCANA. KOOL G. RAP is the closest, to THE GOD EMCEE, RAKIM.


  2. Charlene Smith

    Hi Chuck,

    I am one of your cousin from NC. I am daughter of Lawrence and Wilmer Smith. Ask your mother. I talk to your mother on a regular basis. I know that I will be seeing you at the family reunion in July 3-4, 2010.


  3. Marcus

    whats up fam! just wanted to inform you on this cat by the name of Cashmere, dude is real nice! check the homie from South Carolina out! dude is ill i’m telling you! go to http://www.realifemusic.blogspot.com get his mixtape “Food for Thought” dude deserves some shine cause there’s not too many people bringing “Hip-Hop” and not just “rap”. i’m a hope off his joy stick for now but yo check homie out

  4. Hey check out the album on itunes and support by downloading it or downloading a song. I recommend “Uptown Boy like George Michael” or “Down by the Corner Store” here is the link http://ax.itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jerzboiv/id317859667

  5. Leigh Feldman

    what is the best email to reach you at so we can send you music/clothes/items/beverages and all the other products our pr firm is working on currently? let me know. thanks! – leigh@theoctopuscorp.com

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