A Letter

Hey Chuck,

I was thinking back recently to when I first started writing and how green and clueless I was. When I approached you to write for AllHipHop.com. I didn’t even know what format the interview were published in–BAD LOOK. But rather than ignoring me, going off on me about not doing my due diligence, or just moshing my face in general, you coached me.

You may think you were just sharing some pointers with a newbie but the fact that you even cared enough to offer me guidance on a career path that was so important to me, it was priceless. There were legions of better writers already active on AHH but you were okay giving me another chance after the Joe Budden interview. I didn’t write a whole lot of stuff for the site, but to this day I STILL run into people that read (and had strong feelings about) my review of The Black Album 🙂

I just wanted to formally say thank you and I admire that through your successes you’ve remained a cool person. That says a lot about your character. I hope I make the same impression on aspiring writers that you have, on me.


Quia Querisma
Managing Editor, SoulTrain.com


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