Note to readers: This is an unpublished segment from our Year-in-Review.
Certainly, we weren’t going to peer back on 2009 and not do a  bit of self reflection, right?

The year known as 2009 was not an easy one for We’re in the world too, and what happens in the streets, in the nation and in the world affects us. And with the music industry reeling, were were counting our blessings all the way until the end.

With that said, we are pleased to say we did some thangs in 2009 that we’d like to you to consider how you feel about AHH. We love everybody, because hating only hurts the hateful.

Winning Top Honors With Yahoo

For the team, this was a big look, because Yahoo is a monumental brand on the internet and the online destination is one that will remain like all other national staples. Furthermore, the “look” from them made validated the notion that we don’t exist inside of an urban bubble. Our brand was side-by-side with The Drudge Report, TMZ, Perez Hilton as well as Bossip and Media Take Out. Thanks, Yahoo!

Winning The BET Hip-Hop Award

BET, people love it, people hate it. All things considered, we respect the cable network that has blazed trails for decades, created stars, created water cooler talk and created history. Another historical moment this year was their first ever Hip-Hop Award for websites. There were a lot of worthy and respected contenders. In this first-ever honor, we were blessed to win. We aren’t quite sure who to thank at BET, but we thank you. Also, we thank the readers and those that voted in the online poll as well. Next time, we want 2 minutes for an acceptance speech!

Launching AHH Radio, video and mobile

If you didn’t notice, AllHipHop is more than just a website – this is a destination for lifestyle. Your life style! Well, our “family” grew a little more in 2009. We added on AllHipHop Radio, a partnership with French internet station Goom. It has added a much needed audio component to AHH. We also added AllHipHop TV, our video extension, which we hope gives viewers the visual component they’ve been longing for. Lastly, we formally blasted off with the mobile component of AHH. Our news/text alerts were revolutionary so this is just the next wave of that.

Presenting The Social Lounge With Raekwon, Immortal Technique, and Mike Bigga

Are you familiar with the AllHipHop Social Lounge? If you aren’t, you need to join the ranks of Jim Jones, Joe Budden, Cornel West, David Banner, Master P, Cornel West, Wendy Williams and a long list of Social Lounge alumni. Simply put, The Social Lounge is a discussion hosted by AHH’s own Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur with those inside the urban landscape. This time around, we offered up Raekwon, Immortal Technique, Rosa Clemente, Ras Baraka and Mike Bigga (Killer Mike), who offered up different points of view on the generation gap, Obama and other societal issues. Blitz The Ambassador rocked a 45 minute set for a full house in Newark, NJ.

Breaking The news that Lil Wayne would go to plead guilty, serve time

Breaking news is harder and harder to come by these days, you know…that’s how the internet works. It moves fast and truly breaking stories are fleeting. We broke our share of stories, but there is one that we are particularly proud of. That would be that Lil’ Wayne would actually plead guilty to gun charges stemming from a police stop in New York City. This news stories reminded us of an era when rappers got shot and it traveled by word of mouth. But we digress. We would have loved breaking some of the bigger stories in 09, but this is the one we’re proud of as a news and information organization.


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