I did a massive interview with Abba Onyeani of I think this is the best interview that I have ever done in my life. Why? Abba was well prepared and we had a very good conversation about a number of parts of Hip-Hop and business. If you have the time, check this out.

Part 1

Here I talk about the early days of AllHipHop and how things came to be, from the very, very early days of struggle and strife until the present situation. Also, I discuss the evolution of the internet and how so much has changed in 10 years – from recession to recession. The clip ends with my giving my views on certain websites.

Part 2

In part 2, I talk about the evolution of Hip-Hop and how the indie game is the future along with good music. Abba also brings up Jay-Z’s comeback with Blueprint 3 and what rappers are key in rap’s success going forward.

Part 3

In this part, I talk about my favorite rappers, Soulja Boy, Slaughterhouse and other items.

Part 4

I talk about the difficult part of business and how to survive in a recession as well as the moves has made in the year 2009. Mobile, video, iPhone apps, AllHipHop Radio…it is all here…


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