AllHipHop Comes Home

October 10, 2008

On Thursday, hip-hop Web site will bring its first AllHipHop Weekends Homecoming Tour to Delaware.

Quantcast, which was founded right here in Delaware in 1997, has since become the world’s most widely read source for hip-hop news, reviews, features and industry insights.

The free AllHipHop Weekends Homecoming Tour hits Delaware State University — one of six historically black colleges on the itinerary — with a lineup of nationally known hip-hop acts. The tour kicked off on Sept. 29 at Clark-Atlanta University and features

Fonzworth Bentley, host of VH1’s popular series “From G’s to Gents,” in addition to a number of top producers, rappers, executives and filmmakers.

Bentley serves as moderator during’s Social Lounge, which is a round-table discussion about politics.

The featured panelists on the Social Lounge include Chicago rapper Rhymefest, rapper Tracey Lee, poet/author Mo Beasley, Universal/Motown executive Eric Nicks and’s founders and co-CEOs Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and “Grouchy” Greg Watkins.

“I’m really excited about this event,” Watkins said. “Considering the political and economic climate, we felt it was important to bring the Social Lounge to campus to let s

tudents voices be heard. And of course we want them to enjoy themselves as well, so we are featuring some upcoming talent on the tour.”

Bentley stressed the importance of being engaged and participating in the upcoming presidential elections.

“Our country is going through the most difficult time in our history — we cannot afford four more years of what we have had,” Bentley told, in an obvious show of support for Sen. Barack Obama and Delaware’s own Sen. Joe Biden.

After the Social Lounge round-table discussion, DSU & AllHipHop will present The AllHipHop Sound Stage at The Circle, with performances by Maino (Hi Haterz!), Red Café, Rock City, Alfamega, Young Steff and others.

“We’ve been on other campuses and you really cannot put the feeling into words,” co-founder Creekmur added. “This is the first time a lot of these artists have been to Delaware, so its up to us to give them a great first impression. It’s been great seeing Delaware having such an impact on hip-hop at its core. I can’t wait to come back to DelState to witness this event that we’ll be doing in conjunction with the university.”


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